It is Finished…

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This is one journal entry that I never imagined I’d be writing!  Without going into a lot of detail my injuries were much more serious than I had first thought.  I went to the Dr. Yesterday for x-rays. I cracked 2 ribs and I have a pretty good bone bruise… which I never knew was even possible. It’s all I can do to even move. Sneezing, coughing, and laughing are incredibly painful, even just taking a deep breath!  Its hard not to feel like I let so many people down, yet at the same time is still an incredible accomplishment to go so far. The Dr. said up to 4 weeks recover time and I’m off the trail. She had a lot more to say but that’s the bottom line. Thank you so much to all of you that have been so encouraging, supportive, and kind. There were moments when it is what kept me going. I’m slowly making my way home now where I will be on the mend.

The trail becomes a huge part of who we are and the dream to stand on Katahdin. Maybe next year.I met the best people along the way and pray that each of you will find success. Be safe.

It’s been awesome Amazing Grace!


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  1. John Schwoyer

    Although it difficult to take bad news we are proud of all that you have accomplished and for as far as you gotten. Your health is much more important! The trail will be there for you next year be safe and we will see you when you get home to start your healing.

  2. Liz

    You did an awesome job and our commitment for the total miles you expected to do still stands, not the miles you did. Some miles were really, really cold and rough and some maybe a bit easier but you finished over 1,000 miles!! The commitment you made to those kids showed a lot of who you are and how you care about those you did not even know..SO WE CHALLENGE EVERYONE TO GIVE FOR THE TOTAL MILES TANK PLANNED ON COMPLETING for those kids….I would never had made it after the first day so THANK YOU!!! FOR BEING A GREAT INSPIRATION
    Liz and Johnny Richardson

    • The michigans

      A wonderful accomplishment sir. You are an honorable gentleman who should be proud for not only the miles but for the cause in which you walked. You are an inspiration to me and my family and we have never even met.

  3. Duane

    Hi I just wanted to say that I thought you done a awesome job and to go as far as you did is amazing!!!! I am planning on a thru hike in 2015 I first day on the trail will be April 1st I have followed your blog since you started and if there is any thing that you could tell me or help me with would be greatly appreciated..I will pray that you recover quickly and painlessly god bless Duane

  4. Gary

    You are a part of a proud few that can say they are truly hikers of the trail. Your daily journal has entertained and inspired more of us than u realize. Sorry for your injuries but at least it wasn’t for christmas toe 😉 … cracked ribs makes a much better chapter for this part of your adventure. We are all looking forward to your return (get ready to tell of your adventure over and over to each of your friends). God bless Chris.

  5. Christina

    Amazing job Chris. You should be proud of what you have accomplished and who you have inspired along the way. See you back in Texas!

  6. Karla

    WOW what an amazing accomplishment, I am so thankful for your posts. Take care of yourself.

  7. Billy Sz

    But DUDE, you lost 45 pounds!!On the downside you missed out on a bunch of OT

  8. Kermit & Sandy

    From day one, step one you have been an inspiration to many. You may not have reached your goals in miles, but you are an OVER ACHIEVER when it comes to the support you have given all of those following your blog. See you soon my friend.

  9. Trolley Stop

    Chris: So sorry to hear of you injuries. You’ve had an amazing hike, but the important thing now is to rest and heal. As others have said, the trail will be waiting for you when you’re ready. No one can take away the fabulous memories of trail friends and stories that you’ll be able to share about the first half of the trail. You’ve accomplished so much more than most and have been an inspiration to many potential hikers, not to mention those kids you’ve done so much for as a result of your efforts. I look forward to hearing more about the future adventures of Tank. Safe travels home.

  10. Philip

    Looking forward to following Part II next year!

  11. Craig Bushey

    You did great Chris! Well done my friend. Quite an experience for sure.

  12. Jim Hart

    Sorry to hear about your injuries. You made a great run. You’ve been missed here, it will good to have you back. Look forward to hearing the details of your trip.

  13. Kermit & Sandy

    Hey buddy, sorry to hear about the injuries. You did great. It was fun to watch your progress everyday. Get on safe. See ya soon,

  14. Beth and Bernies Honey bun cafe.

    So sorry you’re hurt! So happy for you, for the time and miles and adventure that was yours and yours alone! Epic! Thanks for talking us along on the walk. Beth and Bernie.

  15. Steve and Babs Gorey

    So sorry to hear of your injuries. You are definitely doing the right thing by quitting the trail now. There is always next year with more friends to make and more bears to see. You did great and we are proud of you. Safe travels back to Texas.
    Babs and Steve

  16. Ray Bryant

    Congratulations Chris! Sorry it had to end this way. I’ll be waiting for you to join me at Emerald Waters.

  17. John Hardy

    Chris, wishing you a healthy, speedy recovery. Your accomplishments are amazing….a job well done.

  18. Caroline Jordan

    Chris, I’m so sorry you are injured. Your posts have kept me inspired. You are a trooper! Selfishly, I’ll be glad to see you. And, there’s no way you’ve let anyone down so just delete that thought from your head.

  19. Terrie

    Sorry you weren’t able to complete your goal. However, I am so proud of you! You made it a lot further than I could have ever imagined! Take time to heal and get some much needed rest. You are my hero!!

  20. Anita Read

    What a great job you did. While you are convalescing why don’t you and Abbie come out for a visit, get out of the Texas heat and scope out the PCT?

  21. Rick Churray

    Chris so sorry to hear of your injury. I admit when I read “It is Finished” and read your post I had some tears for you. I know it was not an easy decision. Cracked ribs I have never had. I did bruise ribs after going over the handlebars of my bike at 60 years old. It was so very painful. I thought the ribs were broke but the x-ray said different. Breathing was painful. I wasn’t carrying a 30-40lbs pack either. You did an outstanding job and as you said there is next year. I will start my hike north next year on March 16 I would be honored to have your company in Harpers Ferry on June 2 and we can continue together if you wish. I would really enjoy your company and trail wisdom. Just know we are all proud of you and of each mile you walked. You have accomplished so much for the people of your cause and really for all of us. It has been my pleasure and joy to watch you journey so far. Maybe we could even find another good bison burger in Harpers Ferry. Take it easy now and heal. Get strong and come back next year to finish what you began, “A Truly Great Adventure”. God’s continued blessings on you! God has a reason for all things!

  22. sarah

    Chris you have been such a huge inspiration to us all. Thank you for that.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  23. LH

    Had just left my first comment on your Day 82 as I just found your blog. — I am sorry for your delay in finishing the trail but glad to read your are on the mend. My first comment stands as I am certain you will keep walking and finish when you decide to return and your blog and accomplishment is very inspiring!! Godspeed. LH

  24. Two Eagles

    It’s been a helluva ride Tank!!!!! Thank you so much for the adventure, sorry I did not get the chance to meet you, being I’m up here in New Jersey, but I have no doubt that one day you will hike the trail through my state, when that day comes, I’ll be here to meet you my friend!! Peace to you, may you always stay safe, stay blessed and always travel well. 🙂
    Mel, ” Two Eagles “

  25. Glen (Bo)

    You did amazing dude!

  26. Elaine Leigh

    I have been following you for weeks. My daughter and son-in-law were behind you 4 weeks. Your stories gave me insight to what they had ahead of them. They too are off the trail now, going back next week to concure as much as they can in about 7 weeks. Will finish the AT in sections. So much harder than they expected. You did fabulous! I truely felt fir you with the feet issue as that is what caused her to ultimately be done. Thanks for all the sharing. Will look for posts in the future.

  27. Benjamin Swanson

    My heart is filled with pride for what you have accomplished and also aches with you as you head home. I am praying you mend well and quickly. Though I was only with you for 2 days, I feel as if we have been friends for a long time and that makes me smile. No doubt you have left that mark on many as you have smiled, laughed, shared meals and stories in ways that reflect the great life and love you have found in Jesus. Blessings friend! Grace and peace, -benjamin

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