Flip Flopping the AT…..

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For some strange reason that I cant wrap my arms around… I have to get back to the trail !!! My family and I have been discussing this knowing that I can no longer  finish the trail as a Thru- Hiker. The plan is to return to the trail in Maine at the end of  june after my recovery…. then hike south as far as I can with the remaining 6 weeks I have before I return to work. I still wont be able to complete the trail back to Harpers Ferry and my brief aqua blaze this year…. however, I will have enough vacation next year to finish the remaining trail miles and complete this awesome journey !!!   This hike has defied description by my journal entries….. The beauty, the peace, the awesome people I have met, the support from so many I dont even know….and those I do. Most awesome is the grace that I have received even with difficult challenges and an injury set back….. Everything happens for a reason ! Its not the way I had planned to hike the trail… but I can still get it done as a section hiker….. with BIG sections !

I m so excited to have the support from home and all of you….. All things are possible !

Tank…… Im not much of a Tank anymore…. more like a HalfTrack as one of my friends has suggested.



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  1. Nate Harner

    Glad you found a solution! Will always support you!
    Thru-hiking 2016

  2. Ray Bryant


  3. Duane

    That’s awesome!!!! Very cool I can hardly wait to hit the trail….stay safe

  4. Billy Sz

    Is this a plan to get the dinner I promised when you cross Mt. Washington?

  5. Jim Hart

    Bravo Chris…. This is the right move. Press on!

  6. Steve and Babs Gorey

    Way to go, Chris. Where there is a will, there’s a way! So glad you are continuing.
    Babs and Steve

  7. Mark

    Good idea man! I cracked a few ribs snowboarding last year. Hurt pretty good for a week, but got better pretty quick, you might be good to go in a week or two, you never know. Great idea though!

  8. Joe Young

    Great solution Chris..I knew you-d squeeze more out of it. Way to go.

  9. Trolley Stop

    There are no rules for compleating an AT hike. It’s awesome no matter how it’s done. Enjoy the break. (No pun intended)

  10. Rick Churray

    Yes! Great solution! Maybe somebody in your company will hear about this and give you the time you need to finish! God has plans for you and you will discover the plan on rest of your trip! You have a wonderful supportive family. A blessing from God!

  11. Bo

    Great news Chris!

  12. Jeff Burrows

    Good for you. I hope the recovery goes well. Just don’t slack off with keeping the website up to date when you get back on the trail. We are living vicariously through you!!

  13. Sarah

    Chris, I am so glad to hear this. Let me know if I can work for you to extend your time off if you need it. Feel better 🙂

  14. Sally Molina

    Hi Chris! Sarah’s my daughter and she’s been sharing your excitement with me because she knows I like hiking so much. Obviously, you’ve derived great satisfaction from your experience and will never forget it. Your decision to go to Maine and work yourself back to the south is brilliant. Good luck to you!

  15. Elaine Leigh

    It’s about the journey not the finish line. Our kids are too heading back to the trail next week after recovery. Wishing you speedy recovery.

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