In Training!!!

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I’m counting the days until I can return to the trail.  I see my own doctor tomorrow for an update on my mending.  I’ll even have a chance to get his opinion on my feet issues which are resolving themselves but I’m there so why not ask. Right now my plan is to get back on the trail Jun 25th. It’s strange to think about heading south but I’m sure I’ll adjust quickly. I’ll update as I have more info. … In the meantime I’ll just keep working on my training !!


8 Responses to In Training!!!

  1. Terrie

    Training???? Looks like a whole lot of slacking off to me! ! Lol It was good to see you today. Make sure you’re flossing while you’re home!!

    • Heather Reck

      his oral hygiene regiment must be maintained at ALL COSTS.

  2. John Schwoyer

    Looks like the training is going well…. for mending

  3. Anita Read

    Looking good!

  4. Trolley Stop

    Everything looks right except the chair.

  5. Gary

    I guess I have been doing a lot of training also… where is the beer and tv ?
    Glad you’re mending !

  6. Rick Churray

    Tank or Half Track,
    I was on the trail the past few days. I was in the Waynesboro area going north on the AT to the Calf Mountain Shelter. I met a young lady “Voodoo” she said she knew you and had not known about your accident. I told her you would be back on the trail coming south. Get well my man! PEACE

  7. Heather Reck

    Looks tough there. All that…training. What did the doctor say. Healing faster than expected, I hope!

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