Katahdin Summit

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6/25/2014 – Day 104 – Total Miles 1028.8

I made it to the top today… It was raining a moderate rain. Going up was easier than coming down. Very slippery and scary. I should have taken rock climbing lessons.

I met another thru hike finishing his hike. He had the same issue as me, was injured and left the trail for a few weeks. I’m glad I was there to congratulate him as no one else was there. His trail name is Emperor. Real Name Is Chris… lots of Chris’s on the trail.

The descent was so slick I actually had to slide along many areas on my butt so I wouldn’t slip of my feet. I learned that after I fell again… I won’t tell you I hurt my ribs again. I’ll decide what I doing about it tomorrow.

I dropped off the rock I picked up on Springer when I started in Ga. I took a lot of heat because it was a bit large and weighty… oh well.



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  1. Babs and Steve Gorey

    Congratulations. You’ve climbed to Katahdin Summit. Now just pick up those few miles to Harper’s Ferry. You’ll do it. Babs and Steve

  2. billy c

    Glad to see you back out there!

  3. Caroline Jordan

    Smiling a big smile for you. But, be careful out there!

  4. Trolley Stop

    I knew you could do it! Good hiking Tank. Wonderful to see you at the top.

  5. Beth and Bernies Honey bun cafe.

    So happy you made it back! Great pics. We’ll be southbound with ya…

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