Crapmton Gap Shelter

Posted by on April 27, 2015

Sunday April 26 – Harpers Ferry to Crampton Gap Shelter – 10.4 Miles

Day 1 of only 5 weeks but I’ll make the best of the time I have. If things go well I’ll cover 400 more miles towards my goal of completing the entire AT… TIME TO EAT was kind enough to provide transport from the airport to Harpers Ferry. Thank you so much! I met up with FRANKIE THE SLEEPER and off we go on a beautiful Sunday morning… excellent day all around. The first pic if us as we headed to the trail head. The next is 3pm and gone for the night… zzzzzzzz



4 Responses to Crapmton Gap Shelter

  1. Richard Churray

    Great to see and hear your adventure on the trail! You look good and strong! Now go log some miles! Proud of you Tank!

  2. Mark

    So glad you got to go back. Will look forward to the updates!

  3. Anita Read

    Great to hear you’re back on the trail. You look great. Have fun. Looking forward to hearing about all the adventures.

  4. Gary

    Nice legs 🙂
    Be careful and have fun.

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