Waynesboro, PA

Posted by on April 30, 2015

4/29/2015 – 7.5 Miles – 43.5 Total Miles

We we’re given another awesome day of hiking today. Beautiful weather. We actually had our first encounter with trail magic. A gentleman offered us a place to stay, showers, dinner, lodging and would pick us up at the trail and bring us back in the morning. But because I am no longer a thru hiker, we decided his generous offer would be better for hikers that had actually been on the trail for 1100 miles this year. We continued on to Waynesboro and found a Days Inn. We still found trail magic with a free ride from the trail, to the post office to pick up or drop boxes of food, and then a ride immediately from there to the hotel. It worked out fantastic, ya gotta love trail magic!!! People are so awesome!!! The pics today are of an overview and at the Mason Dixon line… strange place for a mailbox… lol. We are in Pa. known for its horrible rocks, 200 miles worth. They say that if your spirit can be broken, it’ll happen here


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  1. Jim

    While in PA if a guy named Sandusky offers you lodging, pass. Remember, Gumo is real.

  2. Terrie

    Glad you’re able to enjoy the beautiful weather! Hopefully it will continue.

  3. Patty

    Good Luck Chris…. Enjoy the Trail.

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