On to Duncannon, PA

Posted by on May 5, 2015

I had a couple days without cell service and a few technical difficulties getting the blog posts in, but here they are.

5/1/2015 13.0 Miles – 2015 Miles 68.8 – Total Trail Miles 1130.8

Not much to report today. Stayed ahead of the weather and hiked into Birch run shelter. I was hiking along wishing I could see some wildlife. I looked up and saw a big black lab running towards me… Just for a split second you can imagine what I thought it was!!! No more wishing for wildlife…lol

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5/2/2015 9.9 Miles – 2015 Miles 78.7 – Total Trail Miles 1140.7

We made it into Pine Grove Furnace today. They have the 1/2 gal challenge here for Hikers. I did not partake even though I love ice cream. We stayed at the Iron Masters Mansion Hostel… goggle the mansion. It has a very interesting history, too much to write about. It was built in the 1800’s.

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5/3/2015 15.3 Miles – 2015 Miles 94.1 – Total Trail Miles 1156.0

Alec Kennedy shelter tonight, about 16 miles today. Had the pleasure of a couple rock scrambles and boulder climbs. Everyone at the shelter tonight is exhausted. Night, it’s hiker midnight

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5/4/2015 18.2 Miles – 2015 Miles 112.3 – Total Trail Miles 1174.2

Darlington Shelter 18.2 miles today, plus 0.5 for water uphill both ways. We crossed the Cumberland Valley which was pretty nice although the last 2 miles were very tough, we got here! On in the Duncannon tomorrow. I have a food drop at the Doyle hotel which is really a toilet, so it has become the Doylette. We won’t stay there but will get a burger which are supposed to be good. You never know what you’ll see on the AT, we ran into 3 super men and 1 superwoman….. safest we have been on the trail so far!!

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  1. Babs and Steve Gorey

    Moving right along Chris. You’ve done some impressive mileage. Stay safe.

  2. Mark

    Sounds like such a good time. Keep on truckin and keep the updates coming!

  3. clmb512

    Seems like you are jumping right back into it! (OMG those super people are so super cute!) -Heather

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