The Doylet

Posted by on May 6, 2015

5/5/2015 11.4 Miles – 2015 Miles 123.7 – Total Trail Miles 1185.6

We rolled into Duncannon yesterday afternoon after a 2 mile rock scramble… they just keep getting worse from here. We did eat at the Doylet. The cheeseburger is the meal of choice and it was quite good. They wouldn’t let us check out the rooms before we paid, so we moved on to the Stardust Motel, a 40’s/50’s roadside motel. Much better than the Doylet (thats not not saying much). Wednesday, 5/6 we will take or first zero in 10 days for a much needed rest and to avoid wx moving thru the area. The pics today are of the view into Duncannon, the Doylet, and a group picture of Tank, Airforce 1, and Frankie the Sleeper.

Duncannon 5/5/2015

Doyle Hotel 5/5/2015



Before getting into Duncannon, I decided that THIS… is man’s best friend. No dog can top this!!!

TP 5/5/2015

5 Responses to The Doylet

  1. Mike Hentz

    Is that a big bar of soap?

  2. Brian Waltenburg

    Toilet Paper, guess he hasn’t discovered disposable baby wipes.

  3. Joe

    Yea,,,Wait till people were like 1000 feet away and Chris be like ..”Look boys what i’ve got over here”

  4. Jim

    The finer things in life!

  5. Terrie

    Looks like you’re covering some good distance! Happy hiking!!

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