Snake Charmer

Posted by on May 11, 2015

5/7/2015 10.9 Miles – 2015 Miles 134.6 – Total Trail Miles 1196.5
Back on the trail… tough climb out of Duncannon. Lots of rocks, they do work on the feet! We had the pleasure of watching a cub scout troop for about 10 min at an overlook… one in particular was a serious nose miner enjoying the occasional taste and licking his fingers to finish up. We got all forms of cheap entertainment out here… The pic is of Frankie and myself at the overlook.

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5/8/2015 18.0 Miles – 2015 Miles 152.6 – Total Trail Miles 1214.5
Good day… long day!!! 18 miles today. Saw my first rattle snake, one more step……. It scared the heck out of me. I backed up pretty quickly. I’m at the Rausch Gap Shelter being eaten alive. I’m exhausted… night all.

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5/9/2015 17.5 Miles – 2015 Miles 170.1 – Total Trail Miles 1232.0
Tonight made it to the 501 shelter… Pizza is delivered here!! Ya Baby!!! I ate half of a large and drank a 2 liter mountain dew. My hike hunger is back! Actually hiked 18.1 miles today counting a missed shelter stop and a missed water stop… backtracking isn’t fun. Hiked with 4 Hikers today, all good guys. Pic is of Frankie the Hiker in his nesting doll position!

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5/10/2015 15.1 Miles – 2015 Miles 185.2 – Total Trail Miles 1247.1
15.1 miles today… sounds like an easier day BUT… 13 of it was over rocks and rocks and rocks. It was fairly level but rock hoping and looking for snakes makes for a sweat soaked day… all day!! It’s more strenuous than climbing! Pic is of me at the end of one… Staying at the Eagles Nest Shelter. Tomorrow I get a shower, YES!!!!!

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  1. Charlie C.

    Chris…..You might need a loaf of that famous dispatch bread from you know who !!

  2. Liz

    How can you even lay on the grass knowing there are snakes!!

  3. Bill C.

    Love the updates Chris. Good job on the photos and the writing. It must be really hard to do that after a long day on the trail!

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