Rocks for Days

Posted by on May 15, 2015

5/11/2015 8.6 Miles – 2015 Miles 200.3 – Total Trail Miles 1262.2

9 miles into Port Clinton. Hit Cabellas, Logans steakhouse, did laundry, had a 1hr shower, and slept in a real bed…Ahhhhhhh. The mornings always come to soon as I head uphill out of town. 45 mins later im totally soaked in sweat…dripping !!

5/12/2015 15.2 Miles – 2015 Miles 215.5 – Total Trail Miles 1277.4

Another rocky hike for 12 miles then surprisingly 3 on a logging road into Eckville shelter… with a real flush toilet. Seriously!! I flushed 3 times just for fun! The pic, yes it’s the trail!! Tank and Wingnut on Pinnacle Rock.

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5/13/2015 17.4 Miles – 2015 Miles 232.9 – Total Trail Miles 1294.8

17.4 today. Staying at Bake Oven shelter. Tough tough tough day… rocks rocks rocks !!!! A Frenchman rolled in tonight. He only did 26 miles and is in his 70s….. wimp. Tomorrow we expect more of the same… I’m glad we only have 13 miles waiting on us… the Frenchman will do 25….

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5/14/2015 12.7 Miles – 2015 Miles 245.6 – Total Trail Miles 1307.5

12.7 Today. Nothing but rocks and boulders all day. It really tests your feet. Today Wingnut called it quits for a few days of foot therapy… It hurt for him to put his socks on over all the blisters and the rocks beat up his feet everyday. I doubt I’ll see him again. Real good guy. I hope he makes it to Maine. I made it into Danielsville for the night. The jail house hostel has closed due to the 1% of Hikers that have no respect for others, so the result is no place to overnight or get water for miles and miles. I did the Palmerton climb and I navigated TICK alley unattached… I hope. I hope to see my son tomorrow night as I roll into Wind Gap around 4pm… He is coming in just to hike with his dad for a few days. It’ll be awesome to have him here. The pics today are of me climbing out of Palmerton and the other shows where a brush fire was stopped right at the AT trail.

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4 Responses to Rocks for Days

  1. jim hart

    Man, it looks great. Much better then the view you get every day here.

  2. Babs and Steve Gorey

    What fun to hike with your son. Enjoy. You are really ticking (no pun intended) off those miles.

  3. Trolley Stop

    Hi Tank: Enjoying Trail Days here in Damascus. Lots of fun and NO ROCKS. Have run into most of the legendary characters on the trail such as Miss Janet, Baltimore Jack, etc. That climb out of Pemberton is a good warm up to the rocks ahead. Doing some trail magic in Buffalo Bobby’s name.

  4. John M.

    Hi Tank! So glad to see you back on the trail and I really appreciate you sharing your adventure. You are doing great!! Thank You!

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