Hiking with Brian

Posted by on May 20, 2015

5/15/2015 15.4 Miles – 2015 Miles 255.0 – Total Trail Miles 1317.9
Danielsville to Wind Gap

5/16/2015 15.6 Miles – 2015 Miles 271.6 – Total Trail Miles 1333.5
Wind Gap to Delaware Water gap….I did 16 tough rock filled miles today. PA is coming to a close and I’m sure the rocks will vanish with it… lol. When I arrived at the trail-head my son was there waiting with a nice cold orange soda. It was tough to decide which I wanted to hug more! I chose Brian!!! So awesome to see him. Thunderstorms moving in so we decided to get a hotel and get organized. It poured and poured. Good move! Goodnight……


5/17/2015 14.1 Miles – 2015 Miles 285.7 – Total Trail Miles 1347.6
PA is just a memory. We crossed into NJ early and what a celebration. No more rocks…lol. We bounced our way across Delaware River bridge (state line). Every time a semi passed, the bridge would gallop probably 6 inches…. just a little disconcerting. Tough day for water, we ran out and hiked for 3 more miles to a campsite that had a spring nearby!!! Water is the next gold! Brian brought the Cadillac of tents with him. 3 person!! Luxury like nothing else. So much space compared to my 1 person! Great weather…. and company!




5/18/2015 10.7 Miles – 2015 Miles 296.4 – Total Trail Miles 1358.3
10.7 today since Brian is being picked up 4 miles from here in the morning at a crossroad. It’s been really nice having him along… he has had a nice mix of terrain to enjoy. The ticks love him!! He flicked off 10 or so….. Thunderstorms in store for me tomorrow all day…. maybe I’ll get lucky. The pic is of the cabin we stayed in.


5/19/2015 3.6 Miles – 2015 Miles 300.0 – Total Trail Miles 1361.9
Nero Day. It rained last. It was the darkest night I can remember in a long time. Brian and I both woke up this morning talking about it. Funny enough we both used our lights to see if we were blind… wow it was dark! This morning Brian and I hiked about 4 miles in the fog and tree rain to HWY 206 and waited for his shuttle to show up and give him a lift back to his car. I did not want to see him go and I so enjoyed having him with me…. we never get enough of our children once they grow up! While waiting for the driver we had burger at the only place in town. It was a beautiful place on a lake. I decided it would be a good time to get a hotel/shower/laundry and a dry nights sleep since there wouldn’t be another chance for a while. The pic is of us saying goodbye… looks like I’m on my own for the next 100 miles.




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  1. Trolley Stop

    Congrats on hiking on into NJ. Great to have family if only for a few days. Better keep moving. Trail maintainers are moving PA rocks into NJ & NY.

  2. Connie

    Great adventures! Hope none of those ticks make it home with Brian!

  3. Mike Hentz

    That is great news that Brain could join you. I hope you had a memory-making visit. I’m keeping you in my prayers. Keep on Tankin’ along.

  4. Jim

    Youll love the Delaware water gap.

  5. Christina

    That is so awesome Chris!

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