Posted by on May 22, 2015

5/20/2015 16.2 Miles – 2015 Miles 316.2 – Total Trail Miles 1379.1
Very quiet hike today – 16.2 miles. I did pass a civil war skirmish line today, since rocks are so plentiful they would build a row of rocks and defend the high ground. Farmers used that technique also when clearing land but they were better built. Is pretty chilly tonight. It’s 6pm and I’m in my sleeping bag already. So far the shelter is all mine. The other pic is the highest point in NJ.



5/21/2015 13.0 Miles – 2015 Miles 329.2 – Total Trail Miles 1391.1
Easy 13.0 today. Best terrain I’ve seen in a long time. Tomorrow will be totally different. Stairway to heaven which is an ass kicker and another climb later in the day that is pretty ugly also. Oh well, baby steps! The pics are of the boardwalk over the NJ swampland, probably 2 miles in all. The other is this really good looking guy I saw on the trail next to a stile..used to cross fences.



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  1. Billy Sz

    I think the term “highest point in NJ” is an oxymoron

  2. Jennifer

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. We’re all thinking about ya!

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