To Be Continued….

Posted by on May 27, 2015

5/22/2015 11.5 Miles – 2015 Miles 340.7 – Total Trail Miles 1402.6
Wawayanda Shelter – Beautiful day to hike…. right up to the point where I had to climb 1000 ft…. it’s called stairway to heaven (sorry bill) and it’s an unrelenting climb over crazy rocks and boulders… I’m alone in my hubble tonight and its supposed to get down to 37 degrees….. That isn’t too bad, its the hiking in the morning at that temp that hurts! The pic is of my hubble for the night, the trail, and a trail side relic.




5/23/2015 15.0 Miles – 2015 Miles 355.7 – Total Trail Miles 1417.6
Stealth Camping – 15.0 miles today, absolutely gorgeous day to hike. Good challenges. Awesome Boulder climbs and spectacular views. …. I’m sorry my days here are almost over…. my goal is the Hudson River and I’ll be there in 2 days… pictures for today are on top of a Boulder climb. … highest point in NY along the AT and the NY border…. and yes it’s the trail. 3 more States done!





5/24/2015 17.0 Miles – 2015 Miles 372.7 – Total Trail Miles 1434.6
William Brein Shelter – 17.0 miles which week give me 10 miles left and a nice short day on the trail.
Today was tough. ..but the last shelter was so bad… I had to do the 5 more to get here. …this one is just as bad so I’m in my tent ! Pic today are of awesome trail magic. …Just as I was running out of food. …and the other is of a rock crawl called the lemon squeeze. …had to throw my pack up to squeeze through……



5/25/2015 10.1 Miles – 2015 Miles 382.8 – Total Trail Miles 1444.7
Hudson River Bridge – To Be Continued….


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  1. Gayle Horne

    My brother my thoughts and prayers are still with you . I have enjoyed your post.

  2. Liz

    Have enjoyed doing this hike with you and seeing the sights…from the comfort of my chair!

  3. Anita Read

    Hi Chris,
    I’ve enjoyed this journey and look forward to the next installment.

  4. Trolley Stop

    Great job Tank. Look forward to following next years section

  5. jim hart

    Great pic’s….Central Park looks larger then I remember it….

  6. Randy Smith

    Great job dude!

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