Sunken Mine Rd. Stealth Camp

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5/18/2016 – 8 Miles – 2016 Miles 16

We got off to a late start today. All the other Hikers headed out ahead of us. That was fine with me since I just wanted to hike with Abbie. Not many Hikers out this far north yet… no trail magic for us yet but others have seen it. I’m eager for Abbie to experience that too. We did 8 miles again today… and the last two were quite painful for my sweetie. It breaks my heart to see her cry. As supportive as I try to be, it doesn’t soften the reality of the trail! She is giving it her all but I can see the cracks and her pain is mine !!

Tomorrow will bring another 8 miles and finally our first shelter…RPH. Hopefully another first for her. She now says I’m insane to do this as well as all the others that have gone before me….lol.

Here is a picture of total misery! We will see what tomorrow brings!


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  1. Philip

    Hang in there Abbie. The longer you go the greater the relief will be!

  2. Steve and Babs Gorey

    Wow, Abbie. I’m impressed that you are even trying. Hope you can hang in a little longer. I know Chris is very proud of you. Best of luck to you both. Babs and Steve

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