Trail Angels are Awesome !!

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This morning it was so hard for her to say the words I could see on her lips!! She hurt to much to keep going. Even tho she encouraged me to continue there was no way I’d ever ever consider that. What we needed was a trail angel! We packed everything up hiked back to Sunken Mine Rd. I stuck out my thumb and the first car stopped… our trail angel was here. Amazing! He took us 20 miles to get us to a place where we could rent a car and get a hotel room. Abbie said she needed a horse to continue so I got her the one you see in the picture!!

We are in Albany NY tonight and will return home for her to calm her aches… she is a bonafide city girl!!

I’ll be back again to finish the trail… approx 700 miles next year!!



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  1. Trolley Stop

    Took lots of courage to start and perhaps even more to make the decision that next year may be a better alternative. The trail will be waiting as will all yours friends. Amazing effort guys. Safe travels.

  2. Terrie Sciaretta

    I admire her for trying!! I’ve ran many marathons, but I don’t think I could handle this trail!! I need a bed indoors and a shower!!

  3. Pod 3

    Abbie,your awesome! !!You did more than any of us..Have fun for the rest of your trail!take care.. we’re waiting to have u bk..

  4. Sandra Rotenberg

    Go Abbie!!! You did a great job!! You have been on my mind… Two Words.. “EPSOM SALTS”!!!
    Have fun with the horse!!!!

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