I’m Baaaaack!

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Hello everyone!! I’m about to begin what I anticipate to be my final section of an awesome AT experience. The trail is calling and I must go! I’m flying out today and expect to begin my hike in the morning. I didn’t expect anything unusual, but with me and my sweetie anything is possible! It’s a awesome thing to have the patience of a saint!! LOL. When we rolled out of the driveway at 3:30 everything was planned to the finest detail… that lasted 3 miles when my sweetie said, “OMG I don’t have my phone!!!” 10 minutes later we are back home to discover the phone was in her purse…..Grrrrrrrr. Another 30 minutes later we arrive at the airport, I hand the keys to my sweetie, get out of the car…. she locks the keys on the car……Grrrrrrrrr. Luckily I had popped the truck lid. You don’t really appreciate how small a Honda civic is until you are crawling through the trunk to get the door open!! As a memento, I sustained my first AT injury before I actually touched the trail. She says “Rub some dirt in it… Walk it off…” Can anyone say infection!!!

I’M BAAAAACK. YAHOO!!!!!! 800 Miles to go!

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  1. Bob Reiss

    I’m praying for you brother!

  2. Bobby Akin 737 tech

    Good luck Chris!

  3. Steve and Babs Gorey

    Wishing you the very best of luck, good health and trail magic. We will be following you.
    Babs and Steve

  4. Mike Hentz

    You got the first ding out of the way so now you are ready to roll the tank. Have fun, be safe and go with God beside you.

  5. Richard Churray

    Go Chris Go! Can’t wait to hear of your adventures!

    • Misty Atwell-Kermeur

      Be Safe My Friend. Prayers from our end. xox

  6. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Your in my prayers dear brother, may you feel the continuous presence of our Lord with every step you take, knowing he always goes before you! And May you never lose sight of his loving face no mater how close you get to his heart! Be safe my brother… Fr. Greg+

  7. Kermit & Sandy

    Prayers for you as this journey begins again and prayers for Abby as she adjusts to this new normal. Kermit & Sandy

  8. Anita Read

    Good luck. You are an inspiration.
    Anita and Bob Read

  9. Julie Robichaux

    I look forward to following your adventure! You got this!

  10. Trolley Stop

    Wonderful surprise…wishing you the best. Very excited for you.

  11. Liz

    Can’t wait to follow this part of the adventure with you !

  12. John Hardy

    Good Luck Chris, our prayers are with you for a safe

  13. mark

    Good luck Chris! No shortcuts and no injuries.

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