Hiking in the Rain!

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Well I’m at my first stop…RPH shelter….Ralph’s Peak Hikers shelter. Not a bad day after the rain stopped. Only did 11 miles today. That’s 22000 steps of you’re into that!
One picture is of me watching my sweetie leave me alone in the woods with big animals all around !!! The stream crossing was precarious at best but i made it….I found out later the next guy didn’t…..he and his pack weighed another 50lbs….it’s just water weight !!! I feel bad that my sleeping bag is dry….!! See ya tomorrow !


I’m in for the night….stopped early because of the constant rain…..it’s to late to try for the next shelter….tonight will be very cold….possible snow !!! I’ll be sleeping with every piece of clothing I brought….it’s a good look on me !! I crossed over the Storm Mountain Great Divide today…from now on all water goes downhill !! Hey, that’s what the sign said !
The pic is of my humble abode for the night….at least I got the spot with the least amount of wind. I’ve seen a couple weekend hikers so far but still no one to hike with…..there will be even less people out during the week. I’m thinking a may have to start talking to the squirrels…but it’s early!

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  1. Sarah

    Stay warm

  2. Peggy L

    Your dream is coming true. Stay well, friend!

  3. Abbie

    Thank God the rain stopped this morning….He can dry out a little bit….the shelters look great.
    I love my baby!!!!!!

  4. Armando Cajide

    I wish You the best.

  5. Cliff

    Wish you a safe and fun trip along the AT

  6. Mike Hentz

    Nice start my friend. Thanks for the update and pictures.

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