Mt Algo Shelter

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Today was pretty tough. It was only 13 miles but a few really long uphill climbs, lots of rocks. I thought I was in Pennsylvania again. I’m sore right now but that will pass… and walking for 2.5 days in rain has left me with a severe case of chafing. I would send a pic, but there is no one to take it….it’s probably best that way for all concerned. I made it into Connecticut today… only 5 states left! For a minute I thought I was having some trail magic until I realized it was just some fancy balloons telling us we are special for hiking I guess….no food or drinks… Pictures are of the fancy balloon with no trail magic, the scenic view where I stopped for lunch, and the crossing into Ct. Tomorrow I hike into Kent Ct. for my food drop box then back onto the trail for 8 miles, half day…. I desperately need a shower but I’ll take care of that in 3 or 4 more days!!

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  1. Mark C

    Awesome. Thanks for the updates!

  2. Mike Hentz

    Hope today is better weather and thanks for not taking the chafing selfie.

  3. Randy Smith

    Good to see you back out there buddy!

  4. Armando Cajide

    You will get into the grove in another couple of days.

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