Pine Swamp Shelter

Posted by on May 11, 2017


My plan was 16 miles but my feet were hurting from all the rocks and climbs. I just don’t have legs for yet, so I’m in the shelter at 10 miles. I imagine it’ll take me a month to get some legs built up…. It’s supposed to get down to freezing tonight so I have my tent set up in the shelter to contain some heat. Nobody coming north that I know of… so I’m taking the chance!

The briefs have helped the chafing issue immensely… Still some soreness but I’ll at least be able to heal now. Did I mention that
woman and these briefs area a Godsend….. No more cheese graters rubbing together!!!!

I have two pics today, the first is where I had lunch… The views are truly amazing and will be spectacular further north, the second is yours truly pushing through a very narrow gap of rocks… some call it the 2nd lemon squeeze….it was tight!

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  1. Bobby Akin 737 tech

    Great story Chris! Good speed friend.

  2. Gary Pasxoe

    I have this picture in my mind of u stuck in the squeeze for 3 days til someone comes along to help. Dang. ..that’s narrow. .. Thanks again for all the updates.

  3. Peggy Luippold

    Your pictures show the beauty and challenges of each day.
    Thank you!

  4. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Good morning my brother, praying for you! Be advised there is a late season nor’easter poised to move up the east coat tomorrow into Sunday. Our meteorologist at work are forecasting heavy rain and gusty winds developing Saturday and continuing thru Sunday afternoon. Be safe and take advantage of the opertunity to rest and recharge. God bless you and keep you… Fr. Greg

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