Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter

Posted by on May 11, 2017


Only 8 miles today since I had to go into Kent to get my food drop. It was another 5 mi. just to do that.
Ok, chafing issue…. I walk into the outfitter store where my food drop is… I’ve been riding a horse for a month….The lady working behind the counter says, ”A little chafing issue?” It wasn’t like I could hide it….”Yes ma’am.” She says “I’ve got just what you need” and points up to a male torso sporting a pair of briefs that could only have been heaven sent!! What’s funny was that she had tennis balls in the shorts!!! They were perfect… cradled, separated, and were just the ticket….and in my size too… lol. $32, the most I’ve ever spent on one pr. of briefs. I would have paid 100 for the relief!!!

I received my first trail magic today…. A 1 in. square of dark chocolate…. Soooo tasty it qualifies no matter the size! A young couple on a date at a rock cropping kindly offered. The pics today are of me at the chocolate offering site…The next is of St. John’s ledges… there is nothing saintly about this descent. It took me 45 min of terror to get down it. I actually worked up a sweat going downhill, from fear I think. The pic doesn’t do it justice! And last is my humble abode once again, not too much activity from the mice since it’s been so cold at night!

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  1. Lynette

    Where is the pic of the male torso at the store!?!

  2. jim hart

    Glad to see you finally wearing underwear…your tennis balls have a home they can call their own!

  3. Connie


  4. Gary Pasxoe

    A bit lonely this time, just u and the birds. Glad they had the extra small size briefs in stock for you !!
    Be careful. Thanki for taking us along.

  5. Joe Young

    Love this shelter pic…keep on truckin Tank…………….jy

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