Salisbury Ct. Hostel…14 miles

Posted by on May 14, 2017


With weather moving in tomorrow…. I can’t make it to the next shelter before it begins to rain…so here I am. The lady that runs the place is 88 years young and quite a character!
It was a beautiful day to hike…blue sky’s and 65 degrees. Only one 3 mile climb today so….not bad! Last night after I put my tent in the shelter 10 high school hikers showed up… fortunately they wanted to pitch tents so I was safe. It was funny watching them trying to get behind the shelter to steal a smooch when the teachers weren’t looking.

The only pic I took today was at my lunch stop….beautiful water falls…. Oh and I did hike up on a mountain bike just sitting on the trail on it’s kickstand….I thought about it but I just couldn’t do it…. Well it’s past hiker midnight so I’m fading… I may not have anything to say tomorrow if I decide to sit out the rain till Monday… we will see. Being dry is nice and it’s giving me healing time that I do need!

4 Responses to Salisbury Ct. Hostel…14 miles

  1. Craig Bushey

    Way to go Chris. Looks beautiful.

  2. Armando Cajide

    Take a brake.

  3. Terrie

    Way to go!! Get some rest!!

  4. Liz

    Beautiful relaxing picture! Were you temped to put your feet in?

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