Hemlock Shelter… 13 mi

Posted by on May 15, 2017


I’m back on the trail this morning… I met an Aussie in Salisbury named Josh, aka Goose from down under! Much faster than me on the trail but we passed the time in town while waiting out the rain. We are in the same shelter tonight but tomorrow he will do 27 miles….I’ll do 14ish. I crossed over into Ma. today…4 states left. I took 2 falls today… fortunately I landed on my pack both times. I also pulled an arm muscle but nothing serious while crawling down a rock face with water everywhere… slippery! Lunch again by a waterfall… And a pic of Josh at the seen of the crime where I took my worse fall. In camp tonight is 25 Harvard grads decompressing… It’s a tradition I’m told. I congratulated them all on graduating from Yale!! LOL

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  1. Bobby Akin 737 tech

    Great pics, keep em coming! Watch the footing! Enjoy the beauty! I wish i was there.

  2. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    May the Lord’s hedge of protection be around you and safely illuminate each step before you. Be safe, be blessed, its not a race it’s a journey!

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