Kay Wood Shelter

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Well, the shower was for nothing. I reek again after 10 min on the trail this morning. Started out with a 3 mi climb… Today the gnats were out in full force following my special scent on every climb. Once I made the summit and there was a tiny bit of wind, they went away. The pic is of my most valuable possession today… a bug net. Gnats now, horse flys next, and then the hoards of mosquitoes…. You know you wish you were here!! I saw what I thought might be trail magic today, a cooler by the road about 300 yards off the trail…. It was just people selling eggs. I didn’t realize that it was also the location of the cookie lady, I didn’t see the sign on her house.. I missed it! Everyone goes to the cookie ladies house… oh well! I did about 17 miles today since I made the first shelter by noon, 8 miles. I didn’t want to waste the rest of the day just sitting….17 hurt but I’m here. I’ll try to get more pics but it was so hot hiking today it was all I could do to just get here…whew !!! Still hiking alone but see an occasional friendly in the shelters….

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  1. Joe Young

    The cookie lady was just arrested for pot. You may need to take off an extra month !!

  2. Terrie

    Wow…17 miles!! That’s awesome!! Thank goodness for the bug net!!

  3. Abbie

    Heather’s famous cookies will be in the next box!!!!!!

  4. Trolley Stop

    With friendly hikers around even a tent can begin to fell like home.

  5. Mark

    Great that u had the net! 17 miles is a big day. Good job.

  6. Bill C.

    That’s a nice look for you!

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