Three States to Go!

Posted by on May 22, 2017


Got off to a pretty good start although it was a bit late…I planned to stop in at the top of Mt. Greylock…highest point in Ma. There is a lodge there that opened this morning so I had breakfast there…first customer of the season…eggs n fruit…perfect amount to get me going 2.5 miles into the day… I’ve held up because of a foot bruise that I wasn’t going to mention but once I got here I couldn’t go another 5 mi to the next shelter… I think I’ll have to shorten my days for a bit so it can heal…we will see. Back on the trail in the morning. The pics are a glimpse of N Adams from on high and the other is the monument on top of Mt Greylock. Time to sleep it’s past hiker midnight!


Back on the trail at 8am… I caught a ride to the trail which was 3 mi that I didn’t have to hike. The guy had a pair to hiking poles in his trunk and he pulled the end off one to replace my bent one. He just asked me to send it back when I finish…! You really do see the best of people when you least expect it. People are amazing… like my friends back home! I crossed over to VT. this morning… 3 states to go! The second pic is my abode tonight… It’s supposed to rain tonight and it looks like I’ll have to hike in the rain to my resupply point in the morning… It’ll be a nero day for me, probably only 5 mi if it’s raining. I’ll try to wait it out. Oh the last pic… yes it’s the trail !

5 Responses to Three States to Go!

  1. Abbie

    AUGH TIGHTLY SPACED SHARP ROCKS!!!!!!! I am happy to hear you are listening to your body. I Love you!!!……

  2. jim hart

    Those next three states dont know what they are in for!

  3. joe

    Dont take anything for Granite….stay safe..and away from the sharpies.

  4. Mike Hentz

    Man, I thought chipseal pavement in Texas was rough. Get that foot bruise healed up. Have a great day.

  5. Trolley Stop

    Welcome to VerMudd.

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