Kid Gore Shelter

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Beautiful day to hike today! Spring is moving north over me and everything is blooming. Today I entered into an area that has no road crossings or anything else for at least 50 mi. It’s between Bennington and Rutland. Its the longest stretch without a water source so far, 10 miles and when it’s mostly uphill… you need water!! I actually hiked with a very nice lady for 4 miles today and I never shut up!! LOL. Trail name Flicker, Photographer. The pics today is of me in the shelter getting ready to free the Cracken (taking of the boots)!! The other is from inside the shelter. The sunrise is supposed to be awesome from this shelter!!

5 Responses to Kid Gore Shelter

  1. Bobby Akin 737 tech

    Great picture! Blessed man!

  2. Richard Churray

    Awesome Chris! Tell us about the sunrise!

  3. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Wish I were there to see that glorious sunrise! Each one is a small glimpse at the dawn of creation. Behold God’s glory and be blessed and be safe my brother!

  4. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Hey CHris, if you have a bible with you, read Psalm 63, Early will I seek you. Davids, first 8 verse will speak to you!

  5. Jennifer

    Hey Chris – enjoy your posts!

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