Lost Pond Shelter…15 mi

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Good weather today, lots of bogs to hike thru though… mud mud mud, and it wasn’t easy to avoid it. That basically meant wet feet all day. Still hiking alone but in one 5 min period I saw at least 15 hikers… then they were all gone! I took a few pics today… The over the shoulder view shot, a personal favorite. The next a bog walkway…step off and sink in 6 inches. The last is in the shelter with a family I had seen a week earlier. The brother tore up his knee and is off the trail. The trail is beautiful but takes no prisoners. I took another fall today, a hard one. I laid there for 5 min to check my bones, all was ok. I’ll know more in a day or two if my toe turns black.

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  1. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Great pictures! Lifting you in prayer daily, be safe dear brother.

  2. jim hart

    Pretty country…stop falling down…remember, left foot then right foot…you’ll get the hang of it…maybe.

  3. Richard Churray

    Chris, be careful! You know what falling can do! I was out hiking a local flat trail in park back in February! Caught a root and slammed my shoulder into the ground! My surgeon had fun putting that mess back together! I’m still in therapy too! Love hearing about your adventures!

  4. Terrie

    Hey Chris, I’ve been on vacation so I’m just catching up on my emails. Glad you’re doing well!! It wouldn’t make a good story if you didn’t have a few falls along the way!! Lol Hang in there…you’re doing great!!

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