Two Days… 32 Miles

Posted by on May 30, 2017

5/28/17 – Minerva Hinchey Shelter – 15 miles

Pretty nice day to hike….I kept moving all day today to avoid getting caught in the afternoon rain, just a few drops and I’m nice and dry. Tomorrow will be a different story. Rain all day and I have to go 14 miles and most of it is uphill! I don’t have a choice on this one. Pics today… Carin practice field. Getting ready for the whites above tree line. The other is me at little rock lake, a young man was taking pictures and took one of me.

5/29/17 – Pico Shelter – 17 mi

Terrible Terrible day to hike… soaked to the bone all day, had to keep moving to have any warmth. But I need to be in Killington, VT tomorrow so put one foot in front of the other… for 11 hrs. I had to pass on the last 2 shelters and keep moving since rain clouds were moving thru them at elevation. Pico Shelter has 4 walls and a door, I got lucky! Thanks Stu for trying to meet me at the suspension bridge, you only missed me by 8 hrs. Thank you for delivering my food drop… sorry we missed! The pic today… Rutland Airport. A suspension bridge and the water flow under it… I’m out of my wet clothes and into my dry, but I’m still freezing… It’s sleeping bag time!!

3 Responses to Two Days… 32 Miles

  1. McCall and Dave

    You’re a hiking beast!!! I’ve flown into RUT a million times; idyllic but treacherous. Stay warm and dry.

  2. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Onward and Upward!!!!

  3. Bill C.

    Go Walt, er…Tank! That’s some really tough terrain.

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