Happy Hills Shelter… 21.7 miles

Posted by on June 4, 2017


Awesome day today….except for putting on the rain gear… then taking it off… then putting it on… then taking it off… etc… etc. I planned a 17 mile day today but the stealth hostel I planned on staying at was so stealthy I couldn’t find it, so I pressed on to the next shelter. I can’t make these mistakes in the whites! I’m in a shelter with 8 flashes… it holds 4. The pics today are… A bunch of cheeseburgers in a field, a flower, and a tree across a stream which is the bridge… I made it. Tomorrow I’m in NH, 2 states left. The easy stuff is over!

2 Responses to Happy Hills Shelter… 21.7 miles

  1. Jason

    You’ve been out there way too long if you’re seeing cheeseburgers and not filet mignon. Love watching you live your dream Chris.

  2. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Press on my brother, onward and upward!

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