Winturri Shelter….. 17 mi

Posted by on June 4, 2017


Up at 5am and hiking by 6am… The owner of the lodge left me some breakfast so he wouldn’t have to get up so early… good way to start the day..yum. I planned a good day of hiking without rain!! Not so fast hiker dude… The skies opened up on me once again 2 hrs before I made it to the shelter, oh well I’m here. The rest of the week calls for rain….onward!!! The pics today. Thundering Falls, killington ski run (still with snow and open), and the last pic is of the trail with the modern convenience of a ladder, no other way up or down… I’m sharing the shelter tonight with flash… he will disappear tomorrow… I call them all flash because they move 3 to 4 mph…. I’m a steady 2.

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