Etna, NH – 12.2 mi

Posted by on June 5, 2017


Doesn’t sound like much but after my 21.7 day but it was all I had in the tank. In 3 days I begin the BIG climbs and descents, they are about 35 miles ahead of me. I didn’t see a sign for NH but I’m here. I forgot to mention that the big toe didn’t turn black but it still hurts when I roll up on it in an awkward way. I have a hairline on my toe but not on my head, how is that fair! I just tape the two toes together and keep going… We will see how they handle the next couple weeks. If I can get over the whites, I’ll feel better about going all the way. Today’s pics… Roots are becoming a problem now, navigating them is giving my feet fits. The next is a pic of the bogs and the trail goes right thru them, they go on and on and on, a very wet spring!
Next, a very BIG and very good thing happened….TRAIL MAGIC!!! Ice cold watermelon and banana nut bread. It doesn’t sound like much but it was very welcome!! Last but not least, is my abode for the night… Don’t laugh it’s inside and dry, plus they did my laundry and took me to the the grocery store for resupply… A very good day!!

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  1. Cambodia

    Looks cozy and dry.

  2. Armando Cajide

    Very nice

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