Trapper John Shelter… 11.2 mi

Posted by on June 5, 2017


Beautiful day for a hike!! I bid farewell to my trail angels and the camper, they call it… The Tank, lol. Two flashes with me tonight, 1 will finish this month and the other in early July. I will stick to my plan of 10 to 15 July! Pics today are scenery. One with a really nice looking guy in it, and the other is of our warm fire burning before the coming rain drowns it. If I am lucky the rain will pass tonight, although it is in the forecast for the next 2 days… ARGGGGG! The good news is that it looks like good weather as I head into and over the Whites!!! 10 days of pain and sheer breathtaking beauty!!!

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  1. Liz

    Beautiful scenery! Makes me feel like I am there! Hope your feet are getting better. You are a real trooper for pushing thru. Just like the mailman… rain, sleet or snow has not stopped you! You are doing this for a great cause and we are all proud of you! I am going to double my donation…who is with me????!!!!

  2. Terrie

    Beautiful pictures. Hope your feet are doing better. Btw…I have a patient and her friend who left last week to hike a hundred miles of the trail. Not sure where there starting point will be. Take care!!

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