Hiker Hostel… Part 3

Posted by on June 8, 2017


Finally!!! One good day, 10 Miles… but more rain tomorrow!!! I can’t decide if I’ll head north again in the morning or not. The thought of being soaked again is revolting! But I can’t get there if I’m not moving north. Today I climbed Mt. Moossilauke, up and over in 5 hrs. I did it from north to south since I’d rather climb than descend, and I end up back in the Hostel. The climb was next to a waterfall for 2 miles then 1 more mile just climbing. After I finished I felt that I could have done it south to north just as well. But, I’m in a hostel and not getting rained on tonight, that made it worth it. I’d like to make it to Kinsman Pond Shelter which is 11.5 mi… but again it’s the weather. LOL. We will see but I want so much to get back out there!! Pics today are self explanatory.

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  1. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Great pics, looks beautiful but very challenging! God bless you and keep you, praying for dry weather and good rest! On ward and up ward!

  2. Trolley Stop

    That’s one of the toughest climbs on the trail. Great progress Tank. We’re in Vermont this week. Thought of you as we crossed the trail many times on the way up from Virginia.

  3. Armando Cajide

    Beatifull pictures..

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