Rain and the Hiker Hostel

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Another drowning at the hands of mother nature. I’m in a terrible shelter (Hexacuba), very drafty. It’s raining and everything is wet, even my sleeping bag is absorbing the moisture. I wish I could have pressed on today but I couldn’t have made it before dark and it would have been a 27 mile day. No way in this mess. I put my tent up in the shelter to get better protection from the weather. No one else is here as usual. I hung my food bag in the only branch usable… I hope its still there in the morning or I’ll be wet and hungry! It was a tough tough 12 today. The bogs didn’t end and the mud is like grease! I just gotta get to the hiker hostel tomorrow to dry out and get cleaned up, then I hit the whites Wednesday morning. I can’t see the weather forecast since my phone doesn’t work, no reception. I’m still praying for good weather over the next week while I’m in the whites. No pics today since I was in the rain all day and I try to keep my phone dry.


Today I headed out at day break to hike the worst 15 mi ever!!! Since it poured all night long the trails were just rivers of mud and water, throw in a million or so roots and rocks, and add a pinch of granite cliffs and edges. The rock edges were very slippery, very dangerous. I moved along at a snail’s pace and still managed 3 falls, it took me 9 hrs to hike 15 miles. I was almost freezing at altitude and soaked on both sides of my rain gear. I didn’t stop for water or food because I couldn’t get into my pack in the downpour and moving did generate a little heat!! So I just kept moving. As I walked into the hiker hostel. I saw about 10 hikers who had been here 2 or more days waiting out the rain. I was the only one who hiked over the mountain today!! I couldn’t spend another night in that shelter… I had to get inside. Anyway.. no pics again, too much rain to bring out my phone and I just couldn’t stop anyway. Ok here is a pic of me in my rack at the hostel doing my journal… I’m taking a zero tomorrow to get cleaned up and dried out again. I’ll summit the first climb on Wednesday! The good weather forecast is a bust as usual. Thursday/Friday call for more rain/storms. I don’t know what that means in the Whites…. But I’ll find out.


Well… the Whites have already thrown me a curve. So I’m on to plan B. I’ll summit the moose on Thursday. I’m trying to line up with the huts because they feed you dinner and breakfast. But the first one is full when I need it, why wouldn’t it be. Fri/Sat calls for rain/storms again so that means hiking wet above the tree line which can’t be good! So I’ll have to just go for it but keep the days short… hoping for the next hut to be available. I’ll carry 4 days food just in case. My boots have been in the sun all day and feel pretty dry… until Friday haha. They smell like rotten sewer water!! There was 27 people here last night, so far I’m the only one left! Could I smell that bad?? Well, out the door in the morning. Hikes in the Whites are about half your normal distance because of the difficulty. I have a couple of pics of the Hiker Hostel today. This really could be an awesome place for hikers with just a few improvements. But I’m thankful it was here!!

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  1. Connie S McAnally

    Chris I look forward to reading your posts everyday – I just don’t comment back. You’re on an amazing journey and I thank you for sharing it with us slugs sitting at our desks. Wishing you dry days and safe travels!

  2. Terrie

    Hi Chris, you’re my hero!! I know the rains and storms mess with your mental state!! If it makes you feel better, it’s been wet here too…so you’re not missing much!! Hang in there…the dry weather will come soon!!

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