The Phones Ain’t Talking…

Posted by on June 13, 2017

Kinsman Pond Shelter…11.6 mi

Ok, I took a chance and pushed out this morning for the hike hoping the rain would hold off. It sprinkled on/off throughout the day but I pretty much started dry!! Yahoo !! I rolled into the shelter at 4 pm. 8 hrs to go 11.6 miles… its slow going in the whites. Steep climbs and steep descents, scary steep! It really is unsettling to be alone now but I can’t do much about it.
Tomorrow night I get into a hut which will give me dinner and breakfast. It’s a bunk, but it’s two meals and dry! I just have to get there. Another 11 mi day, the first 2 miles a very steep downhill….slow. 4 others are in the shelter, a father daughter, and two other guys speaking French…. Pics…me having lunch and two view shots.

Greenleaf Hut…. 12.2 mi

I left the shelter at 5:30 this morning to get a good jump on the days mileage. I rolled in at 4pm. I climbed for 6 mi and was able to cross 3 mountains using the saddles in between. Above the tree line today was a bit windy and chilly but still an awesome day to hike, even though my feet are ready to explode! I can’t do 12’s in the whites with the hurting so I’m cutting back for a few days. 7/8 miles should bring some relief to my feet. When I got to the tops of each mountain today there must have been 100 people on each peak!! Weekend hikers. I humped for 6 hrs to get up there and they drove to within 1 mile, oh well. I’m in the hut tonight well fed and expecting a good breakfast too before I begin my hike in the morning. I’m the old man here, all young adults in their 20’s running up and down the mountains… lol. The pics are views of the mountains and a morning sunrise as I was hiking when the sun came up. The last is my bunk in the hut… I can sleep thru anything!!!

Galehead Hut….. 8 mi.

Finally, 2 gorgeous hiking days in a row….. What’s happening !!! The hike was very tough and well known for its difficulty. I’m very glad I did only 8 mi today. I sat on top of Mt. Garfield for an hour taking in the spectacular views. The mountain ranges were endless and beyond beautiful. If I am only to have 1 week of good weather I’m thankful it is thru the Whites. I had another hiker take a couple pics for me, but I haven’t received them since AT&T phones ain’t talking today! I’ll send them later. I did take a pic of the hut I’m at… basically bunk rooms with 2 meals. no electricity, no shower. I can’t charge my phone battery for 2 more days until I reach the town with 1 plug. The feet are still hurting but no blisters. The downhills are extreme and painful for the knees but so far I can deal with it. A couple more weeks and the worst will be behind me… I think.

Zealand Falls hut…. 8 mi.

Once again a beautiful day to hike. I need 4 more days to get over Mt. Washington… definitely an answer to prayer!! I have also had a hiking buddy for 2 days now. He is a local and knows the Whites inside and out! Tomorrow we part company for a day so I can resupply in town then we will have 3 more days… another answer to prayer!! I’m back on my own when I cross into Maine. I’m so thankful to have access to so much knowledge about the Whites. Awesome! Only 11 people in the hut tonight. Dinner and breakfast and I’m on my way again! I’m holding together pretty well for an old guy…lol. They don’t know I’m very young at heart. I had to replace my favorite hiking socks this morning as a hole has rotted thru on the heel. Here is a pic of the hut I’m at tonight and a couple of view shots again, beauty beyond belief!!! Except for the dude! Ethan my hiking muse.

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  1. Cambodia

    I sure wish you weren’t alone as well. Could you possibly phone some of these places in advance and say if I’m not there by tomorrow evening, I’ve had an accident, please send help? Just a thought.

  2. Armando Cajide

    Keep on walking body….beatifull pictures.

  3. Terrie

    You’re doing great!! Glad you found a hiking buddy!!

  4. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Great pictures! Once in a life time mountain top exspirences! Remember, your not the oldest man out there, you are the wisest man out there, be smart, be safe! Praying for the Lord to place another sojourner on the path with you. God is with you my friend and closer than ever in our times of solitude, embrace and cherish the moments!

  5. Caroline Jordan

    Thanks for all the great updates. Rooting for you, my friend!

  6. Liz

    Beautiful! Thank you for letting us share this experience with you!

  7. Steve and Babs Gorey

    Wow. You’ve been plagued with rain. The sunshine looks like a dream come true. Keep plugging along. You are almost to Maine.

  8. Rick Churray

    Great Pictures Chris! Looks like your having so much fun. Keep sending the pic out and be safe! PEACE!

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