Joe Dodge Lodge

Posted by on June 18, 2017


What a day…. Expected another awful day but it was beautiful… I woke up at 5am to blue sky’s above and an undercast in the mountain valleys… I have experienced all that the Whites/Presidentials had to offer. I forgot to mention that I even got to hike across the Jefferson snowfield, still there in June. It was slick and scary as it could be! I’m actually glad I got to experience the terrible weather conditions I hiked in yesterday. I never want to do it again… but I did it! Today we started hiking up right out of the hut on a bolder field, very tricky to navigate. It was so beautiful to look down into the valleys and see clouds, hiking down into them was surreal… The descent today was tough, as most are, but for this one we had to drop 3000 ft in 2.5 miles. Steep/Slow and as always… dangerous. My knees were quite sore by the time we got to the lodge. I’m hoping to bounce back overnight since I plan to hit the trail right after breakfast. I’m solo again but so thankful as I have said before to have had a personal guide thru the mountains of NH. I got a shower today and did my laundry. I lightened my pack again to get ready for my run thru Maine. Won’t need all that winter gear now so it’s heading home! I dropped 5 lbs off my pack weight. That doesn’t sound like much but it’s weight off the knees and helps with the climbs. Pics today….a beautiful view of Mt. Madison and some trail magic from the laundry place.

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  1. Cambodia

    It’s stunning; I’ve come back to the picture five times now.

  2. Caroline Jordan

    Beautiful! You are a STAR!

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