Gorham, NH

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Carter Notch Hut… 7 mi

Last hut in the hut system… thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon today and probably tomorrow too… So I decided I’d rather be soaked for 1 day rather than 2. Tomorrow I’ll push for Gorham which will be a tough 15 mi. day on the rain all the way. I hope no thunderstorms. Today I had a wet climb out of Pinkham notch, hand over hand for a lot of the boulder climbing. I was pretty wet from the clouds rolling thru. The descent was 1000 ft in only 6/10 of a mile… that is fast and steep! And that always means a nasty climb out in the morning. I thought the hard part was supposed to be over!! The pic today…a look back at Pinkham Notch before it all closed in. When I checked in they told me I was the only guest tonight and wanted to cook dinner to my liking….cool. Strange at the same time. I’ll make the best of it….

Gorham NH… 15 mi.

I left the hut at 5:45 this morning for a tough hike but I needed to make Gorham because the weather moved in. I almost made it… got caught by a thunderstorm about 4 hrs out. It’s just water. I’ve decided to take a zero here. I haven’t had one since before the whites and I need one. My feet and knees have taken a beating and need a rest. On Wednesday I’ll make my push into Maine, finally and see what challenges await. Hopefully the weather will have moved off and I’ll get a good start. Couple pics today. Trail descent.. Steep as usual. Another beautiful view before the weather. I’m glad the Wildcats and the Carter’s are behind me now. Hello Maine !!

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  1. Gary Pascoe

    That trail looks like a stairway. Is that still considered “hiking” ? Wow.

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