Gentian Pond Shelter… 16mi

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The hike on the trail today was 12 mi… getting to the trail was another 4 mi. I couldn’t get a ride hitching so I had to walk the extra 4. I’ve had great luck hitching but not this morning, maybe it was to early. The trail today had more exposed roots than rocks which made the hike very technical for foot placement. I didn’t get the result I was hoping for from my zero. I felt very lethargic on the trail, no strength. We will see what tomorrow brings. I did pull a tick off a few weeks ago. I don’t believe it was on long enough to cause an issue, it didn’t have time to fill up. Anyway, passed a few southbound hikers heading to Ga. Glad I’m not them! They all looked so fresh and clean charging south, while my feet and knees remind me with every step that I still have 246 miles to go…. I’m not hiking the last 40 miles since I’ve already hiked those, but I will hike Katahdin again since I’ll be there. Last time was in the rain and this time I’ll feel like I deserve to be there!!! And I’d like to do it in good weather. Today’s pics are of Page Pond about half way thru today’s hike. The other is the view looking out from the shelter! Tomorrow looks like another long day, it has Mahoosuc notch in it. It’s the longest 1 mile on the trail. I’ve heard up to 4 hrs to get thru it.

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  1. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Glorious pics! Enjoy, calling for a humid 100 degrees here today and storms tonight… Be safe, be blessed, press on!

  2. Gary Pasxoe

    Your guts are admirable. Steady pace, careful. Beautiful senery. Thank you for the updates.

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