Into the 100 Mile Wilderness…

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07/05/2017 – Moxie Bald Shelter – 13.1

Ok….I’m just 18 mi from Monson so I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon…I’ll probably do a zero to just enjoy the moment. I’m ready to finish the hike but at the same time wishing for more… melancholy moments. The shelters are full of southbound hikers night now… I wish them well. I’m on track to summit earlier than I planned… only by a day maybe two depending on weather of course. Rain In the forecast for tomorrow but I’m going regardless… why not? I expect to have a few fords tomorrow, some tough with all the rain, and a bunch more in the 100. The pics today are of: Yuk, who has entertained many hikers, he is traveling on a tight budget so after he entertained me and another hiker I kicked into the budget for his hike, nice guy. The other is me enjoying the view on top of Moxie Bald….really beautiful!!!

07/06/2017 – Monson .. Lakeshore Inn – 18.0

What was supposed to be another wet day turned out to be beautiful, can’t say the same for the trail…lol. My boots are rotting off my feet now. If I stand on a wet rock, my socks soak up the water!! They are coming apart everywhere, mostly from rot! I’m sure I’ll get another week out of them… I have duct tape. I’m so glad to be in a warm dry place where I can have real food brought to me. This is the last stop before Katahdin. If the weather cooperates I’ll be out of here Saturday morning. I’ve done my resupply and cleaned myself up to a near normal state… didn’t have any Borax !! My run thru the wilderness will take about 6 days if all goes well. Then I’ll rest a day before I summit Katahdin.
Seems surreal to be near the end of a journey! A dream my wonderful wife supported. She took on sooooo much just to let me go for a walk in the woods.

The pic was just a shelter I had lunch at today during my 18 mile hike to get here. As most of you know, I hiked alone most of this hike. I actually came to enjoy the time alone and looked forward to the social aspects of the shelter or campsites during the evenings. A simple picture but it moves me deeply.

The final moments of this hike will do the same when I reach that sign. I did the work and the end of this journey will be bittersweet!

07/07/2017 – Ready Set Go !!!

I’ve enjoyed my zero in Monson but, it’s time to move. The weather forecast is rain next four outta five days….of course it is!! Monson has been really nice and they appreciate the hikers. My hitch-in took 1 car and he was going in the opposite direction… really! The Lake Shore House is a converted home to a nice hostel with a restaurant and a pub. The town folks have been so nice. I’ve seen a few hikers I’ve met along the way come and go. I’m ready to go. As nice as it is, it isn’t home! I have heard there is trail magic 14 miles into the 100, sounds like a great place for a stop!! It’s a full blown hiker feast for 3 days, a local has a cabin there and does this each year….finally some real trail magic….lol. The pic is out my window at the hostel….temp has been in the 70s…..can’t wait to melt in Texas!!

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  1. Steve Gorey

    Can’t believe the “light at the end of the tunnel” is almost in sight. Treasure these last few days.

  2. Bill C.

    Wow, almost done! Can’t believe it. Looking forward to seeing you back in Texas.

  3. Terrie

    How exciting!! You’re almost done! Such an accomplishment!!

  4. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Savor the solitude, this world is starved for it! It’s in solitude that our souls speak to us! Onward and upward my brother, be safe, be blessed!

  5. JNH

    Chris, all can say is wow, The Lord be with you as your fantastic journey nears the end.

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