Long Pond Shelter

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7/8/2017 – Long Pond Shelter – 15.1 mi

I got off to a good start today, had breakfast at 6am and was on the trail at 7am with sunshine!! By 9 am I was in the rain and for the last 3 mi to the shelter, heavy rain w/ thunder. In spite of being soaked again, the trail magic was good as expected!! Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and sodas. Anyway, I’m in the 100 and will be on Katahdin by the 13/14 ish. I don’t know why I thought this section would be any easier. I did and it isn’t! So, one foot In front of the other until I’m done, rain or shine!! The pics are a nice warning sign for the 100 and a lake view I liked before the rains came.

7/9/2017 – Pleasant River (ford) 15 mi.

Pretty good day today….only got rained on for 30 min. I forgot to mention a couple days ago that an AT hiker got rescued from the trail after he fell on a steep decline and broke his leg. He was a day ahead of us at the time. Even this close disaster is still just 1 step away. Tonight I am camped on the bank of my next ford. I’ll cross the river in the morning and then I’ll work on a seven mile climb over Whitecap Mt, the last big effort before I summit. I’m down to 4 hiking days then a summit climb. Hard to believe after all it’s taken to get here. Pics today of you know who….with calves that will deflect bullets. And the other is my hubble for the night.

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  1. Peggy L

    4 hiking days then a summit climb! Gives me cold chills to realize what you have accomplished.

  2. Bobby Akin

    Than sign is really awesome. Makes you want to say “Bring it on!!”

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