Katahdin… Here I Come

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7/10/2017 – East Branch Shelter – 17.0 mi

Pretty nice hiking today. There was a very fine misty rain in morning but it gave way to sunshine. It was one foot in front of the other… up and over the last 4 remaining mountains. After that… all downhill to the shelter. My feet are hurting pretty good these days. I think it’s my boots that are just not able to support my feet anymore since they are crumbling to pieces. The fix in Monson lasted about 4 hrs. The soles have worn down so thin I feel every rock. They will get me up and over Katahdin. I didn’t take any pics today… sorry I’m getting lazy. I would have taken a pic of the stone Dalmatian on this side of White Cap but I missed it. I did see other pics of it, pretty cool to see in the woods. This is my last night in a shelter. The next two nights will be at campsites to get me in position to get to Katahdin. I’ll try to take some pics tomorrow. Good Night.

7/11/2017 – Stealth Camping – 21.3 mi

Today was the most beautiful day to hike I have had… so the miles. Tomorrow I’ll get into a hostel and wait on the weather to summit. It’s supposed to rain again but we will see. I’m ready for this journey to come to a close. It is a dream realized… not like I planned but none the less! Thank you to all of you who supported the cause, were kind in your comments, and always encouraged me. My plan is to hike Katahdin on Friday. Rain is in the forecast for Thursday and Saturday. So if I can get all my ducks in a row tomorrow… Friday is the day. I will have my GPS on tracker all day so if you are interested in seeing my track up and back down Katahdin, check out the live map. It’ll be slow… haha. I’ll update more tomorrow…. The pic….some handsome stud!!

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  1. Babs and Steve Gorey

    One day to go. No matter how rough it is, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel. You done good kid! Congratulations (probably shouldn’t say that till Katahdin is in your rearview mirror.) We enjoyed following your journey. Will try to remember to follow you tomorrow.

  2. Liz

    I have followed you from the beginning and will follow you tomorrow too! It has been a wonderful ride watching it from my chair! I pray your boots will hold up more day! You have inspired many people with your determination and sticktoitiveness (word??) You let nothing get in your way to complete the goal you set out to do for the foundation and those kids. I have doubled my contribution and hope everyone else does the same. Safe journey my friend.

  3. John Schwoyer

    The final day is upon ypu, so enjoy it all. Thank you for sharing you most excellent journey

  4. Terrie

    Wow…tomorrow is the big day!! I can’t believe it!! I’m so excited for you. Such an accomplishment!!

  5. Cambodia

    I know you will finish, with or without boots! I’m excited for you in many different ways I will be watching your climb and final exit.

  6. Sarah

    Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us, it has been heartwarming and humorous, but mistily inspiring. You have demonstrated that through perseverance we can attain our goals. Have a splendid hike today,

  7. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    What a tremendous accomplishment, Well Done! Have those boots bronzed!

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