I’m On Top!

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  1. McCall and Dave


  2. Trolley Stop

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Job well done.

  3. Liz

    Been watching your progress! Yea!!! Boots still holding up?

  4. Cambodia

    YOU ROCK!!!

    • Jeff

      Awesome accomplishment!!!! Thanks for taking us on your journey! Congratulations buddy!!

  5. Karla Andersen

    Wow I stand in amazement of your diligent fortitude.

  6. Bobby Akin 737 tech

    Congratulations Chris!

  7. Jon Owens

    Have those boots bronzed!

  8. Steve and Babs Gorey

    Congratulations. We knew you could do it. Great accomplishment.

  9. Brian Simons


  10. hikequest

    So impressive! Don’t really know you but feel like I do – I’m a friend of a friend and this really blows me away. I’m going to donate to autism in your name? https://www.autismspeaks.org/ways-give – or is there a better place?

  11. Cambodia

    Please note when you are safely down the mountain.

  12. Dave Baldwin

    Excellent and congrats. You are the definition of perseverance… I hope make journey someday!

  13. Ray Bryant

    Wow! Congratulations. You haven’t heard from me but I’ve been with you the whole way. Way to go man! Thanks for showing us all how to follow a dream.

  14. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Well done good and faithful servant! Bronze the boots!

  15. Rick Churray

    Great Job Chris! So glad you kept coming back! PCT next?

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