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I’m so glad I waited 1 day for the rain to pass….today was totally amazing !!! The shuttle dropped 8 of us off at the ranger station base of Katahdin… I was first to get my pass to climb and I was outta the gate….I flew up that mountain I was so pumped… Probably didn’t look like that with the tracker but I hauled. Next time I saw the other seven hikers who were all southbounders I was on my way back down. They were on their way up…huffing and puffing on day 1 for them. When I approached the summit I didn’t think I would lose it but after I asked another hiker to take pics of my moment,,,, I lost it !! There was about 20 people there and my sobbing got everyones attention…and after I did my thing on the sign I actually got an applause from the group…which didn’t help my blubbering at all…. I took about half an hr to sit and reflect…answered some questions and just regained myself. The hike back down was quiet for me and passed quickly. I hitched out of the park with two rides….and it was over…just like that!!

A journeys end and a dream realized!!!!

Pics….self explanatory.


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  1. Tom


  2. Peggy L

    Every one of us reading your post is losing it, too!
    What a journey of a lifetime! You DID it!

  3. Bobby Akin

    Dude…..your my new hero!

  4. Rev. Greg McBrayer

    Well Done, good and faithful servant! Bronze those boots brother!

  5. Mark

    Just awesome. Well done sir!

  6. Caroline Jordan

    Most excellent!!

  7. Kermit and Sandy

    So excited for you. Can’t wait to hear more stories.

  8. Connie McAnally

    Awesome Chris!! So happy for you. Few follow there dreams – it takes courage.

  9. Terrie

    Congratulations!!! There are no words to express how happy I am for you! I think I would have those shoes bronzed!! Lol

  10. Steve and Babs Gorey

    Hope you retrieved those boots. Too much history to throw away. Congratulations.

  11. John Schwoyer

    Outstanding and congratulations my friend. Well done

  12. Abbie

    OMG!!!!!!! I am so happy for you sweetie…….YAHOO!! CHECK THAT BOX ON THE BUCKET LIST DONE!!!!!

  13. Bob Reiss

    I am so happy for you! And proud to tell the story of my friend who completed the Appalachian Trail! Can’t wait to see you Chris!

  14. Beth and Bernie Briden

    Epic! Congratulations!!

  15. Michelle

    AHHHHHH! Congrats Uncle Chris! This has been such an incredible journey to follow, and I’m so thrilled to see these amazing pictures! <3 Hope to get to see you when I'm in Dallas next, and hear all about your adventures.

  16. Gary Pascoe

    Your the man !!

  17. Philip

    Found you randomly 3 years ago and have been one of the strangers lurking on your blog. Really looked forward to following your progress every few days and will miss the vicarious connection to the trail. Congrats, it didn’t some easy!

  18. brad

    Wow! Congrats. I’ve read your posts the last few years and dream of my own hike. Another silent hero is your wife. You’re lucky that you have support for your hike like that. Would love to hear more in depth tips for the future thru hikers

  19. Sarah Springer

    Congrats Uncle Chris! I am so beyond proud of you! I cannot wait to see you and hear all about your adventures! Love and miss you!

  20. Misty Atwell-Kermeur

    OMG. So PROUD of You My Friend.
    Def will be over to raise a glass when you reach back and J home

    xox. Misty n Jacky

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