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Two Days… 32 Miles

5/28/17 – Minerva Hinchey Shelter – 15 miles Pretty nice day to hike….I kept moving all day today to avoid getting caught in the afternoon rain, just a few drops and I’m nice and dry. Tomorrow will be a different story. Rain all day and I have to go 14 miles and most of it … Continue reading »

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Lost Pond Shelter…15 mi

5/27/17 Good weather today, lots of bogs to hike thru though… mud mud mud, and it wasn’t easy to avoid it. That basically meant wet feet all day. Still hiking alone but in one 5 min period I saw at least 15 hikers… then they were all gone! I took a few pics today… The … Continue reading »

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Zero Day

5/26/2017 I spent today trying to get around town to resupply, get to the outfitters and do my nasty laundry. While it’s raining! If you think it’s easy getting help when you look homeless…I can tell you it isn’t…I had one lady actually run from me, lol. It’s a sad commentary but it’s true… I … Continue reading »

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Out of the Rain ! 6.5 mi

5/25/2017 My overnight was uneventful… I’m sure it was because of the expert anti-bear tactics… It’s truly amazing how dark it can be at night without any light sources like a city or the moon or stars…. It was so dark you couldn’t see your hand! I’m on the edge of town tonight watching it … Continue reading »

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William Douglas Shelter – 20 Miles

5/24/17 I had no intention of doing 20 mi. today and my feet aren’t happy!! The shelter I planned to stop at had no water so, on to the next which is empty so extra bear prevention in effect. The pic is of the sunrise l mentioned…nothing exciting for this morning. The hike was just … Continue reading »

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Kid Gore Shelter

5/23/17 Beautiful day to hike today! Spring is moving north over me and everything is blooming. Today I entered into an area that has no road crossings or anything else for at least 50 mi. It’s between Bennington and Rutland. Its the longest stretch without a water source so far, 10 miles and when it’s … Continue reading »

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Three States to Go!

5/20/2017 Got off to a pretty good start although it was a bit late…I planned to stop in at the top of Mt. Greylock…highest point in Ma. There is a lodge there that opened this morning so I had breakfast there…first customer of the season…eggs n fruit…perfect amount to get me going 2.5 miles into … Continue reading »

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Mark Nobel Shelter….16.5 mi.

5/19/2017 I was happy to be in a shelter last night….it poured rain with lots of lighting… I expected the only camper to come inside but she did not. My plan was to hike the 2.5 mi into Dalton Ma. for breakfast which I did…I ordered 2 small pancakes and 2 eggs with diced ham…….. … Continue reading »

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Kay Wood Shelter

‚Äč5/18/2017 Well, the shower was for nothing. I reek again after 10 min on the trail this morning. Started out with a 3 mi climb… Today the gnats were out in full force following my special scent on every climb. Once I made the summit and there was a tiny bit of wind, they went … Continue reading »

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Berkshires Motel….13 mi

5/17/2017 I treated myself today to a shower and a cheeseburger and a real bed !!! It’ll be over way to soon…! Today it was hot, it really took it out of me just to do 13…. only pics today are of a styles crossing at a barb wire fence…not one you want to hurry … Continue reading »

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